michael langer
creative director

Born in Altdöbern, Germany, Michael Langer is fluent in German, Russian and English. After completing his rigorous primary education in the former East Germany, he spent ten years in Osnabrück, West Germany. For five years, he worked as a senior graphic designer in the renowned and respected German agency, System-Werbung Blavius GmbH, where he supervised a staff of five and developed several highly successful, award-winning corporate identities.


In 1998, Michael moved to the United States, expanding his broad-based knowledge of design and global communications. Some of his most notable work includes designing the marketing materials and even the flight crew clothing for Grupo Taca, a consortium of Central American airlines. He also created the corporate identity for Vestrust, a leading Latin American investment and securities firm.


Michael joined Vortex in 2000, and has been responsible for developing design and identity strategies for a variety of corporate clients, particularly those either based or doing business abroad. He spends his free time indulging in his passion for clothing design and interior design, and is an avid music collector.


Langer spends his free time indulging in his passion for clothing design and producing fashion collections.


tom weinkle
creative partner
michaala speijers
managing partner

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